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tv   News  RT  February 2, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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tens of thousands of kurds have died inside turkey and this so-called cleansing inside syria turkey is in fact committing aggression against a sovereign state the syrian state which has ops objected on the challis to that and to the of turkish troops so there are a dime if you cation sharon that is the other point i wanted to raise is that there is some genuine friction between turkey and the united states since the coup attempt law right here which seems to have. you had support to overthrow john ging age go ahead in assemble jump in yet. yeah actually you know it's in turkey you know something like forty years we have kurdish problems but this is not really really kurdish problem is tricky. was against not the kurdish people until these people live you know in a very good standards according to if you compare with other countries such as syria iraq and iran but the. p.k.
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for guerrillas you know or terrorist groups turkish. one of to be problems and they. they are the main cause to kill kurdish people even this take this is a kurdish they claim that this kurdish independence group they killed a lot of kurds in turkey and also turks as well you know. turkey is a state it has no problem with it kurdish citizens in turkey live peacefully and more democratically down in syria iraq and iran if we come to lucy to initiate issue in the beginning turkey would united states and european allies in order to support you know freedom against by shouting assad regime but after after two thousand and . thirteen ok.
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left ok let me jump in here go to dan before we go to the break here i mean but at the same time you know you know outside powers that's why it's a proxy civil war because this is from the outside ok i mean bringing democracy to syria is the last thing this is all been about ok it's been arming jihad is to overthrow a legitimate government that it had done before we go to the break yeah i agree with what you say and i just want to comment on what sami was saying there is friction between between the us. and i would say that predates the coup attempt actually in fact really it goes back to the downing of the russian plane i would read seen obviously correctly as a low point in russian turkish relations but i see that really as a last dance let me jump in here to try and. we're going to go to a short break are you going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on turkey and syria stay with r.t.
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. this is says harlan kentucky. boy if you could walk. a comb and he said he was almost no coal mines lived. most of. these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's half. it's haven't.
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had a car wash. welcome back across like we are all things considered i'm peter will bill to remind you we're discussing turkey and syria. ok let me go back to dan in oxford i hate going to hard breaks like that but it happens ok so i'm going to go let you finish your point with the proviso here i'm really glad we went to this point in talking about u.s. turkey relations because in the foreign policy blob's fear in washington the great swamp of america i mean there's plenty of people that are writing off turkey
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completely say even we don't need them in nato i mean they're in this is in the national security council this is in. the state department defense department i mean there is a raging debate going on in the intelligence community as well is how important they want because this is what it gets down to the it's who's calling who's bluff and i hate that ok because everybody's got arms ok what is going on in turkey u.s. relations this is what's really key here dan please keep going. here so after the downing of the russian jet turkey was hoping that this would force somehow the u.s. to actually come good on what they had seen as the u.s. promises to make to make this regime change happen turkey itself had allowed itself to be this way ahead of this western imperial regime change policy in syria and they seem to be doing so with very little actual help from from from the west in doing so so we really wanted to force the u.s. to put the cards on the table that help wasn't forthcoming so that point i thought
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ok they're not serious let we're going to have to basically do something else some kind of deal or think again and it's interesting and no coincidence i think the months before the coup attempt was when there's the famous phone call between putin another one and and one began to make noises about perhaps assad has some sort of longer future than. relations began to improve that was when the coup attempt happened so the us is very worried it is bluffing that it can do without turkey and nato is very worried about losing and losing turkey turkey is very angry at us or have been used and abused for its regime change project but i think turkey is perhaps walking into fall into a trap here walked into a trap because the same time as i don't think the us is particularly that troubled by what's happening in syria right now if one is happy to see turkish turkey we can because it was an operation all of branch i think it will be a better name because turkey is really beating itself here is weakening itself as
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the same time as weakening. the kurds and it's really once again helping to facilitate u.s. strategy no benefit to us so you know it's sammy you know i talk about that because you know i keep reading the foreign policy blah blah you know that turkey has to choose between moscow and washington i don't i don't buy that at all as a matter of fact because nato has no useful value whatsoever turkey is coming into its own now it may be walking into a trap but it's coming into its own as a regional player dealing with other countries and we we had this consolation when we have baghdad damascus beirut. all of them are on the same page it doesn't happen very often in and turkey is getting into the parlay here i mean this is this is something that i think is really interesting not i but i worry about turkey because i really did like you know the no problems foreign policy well it has
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a lot of problems right now but it's this kind of a major paradigm shift sami in the region with what's going on with turkey. it's possible i think it all depends on whether the united states is going to dig its heels and. other areas where there are u.s. troops patrolling the streets alongside the i.p.g. forces now this is where the main conflict is between turkey and the united states i do not think turkey will retreat on the question green and the united states is. in a sense in the lose lose situation i slightly different from down there that the united states is losing in iraq it is losing in syria and they are in a fix because they either have to send more troops which they are loath to do but because they would like to rely on proxy forces often out of their debacles in
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afghanistan and iraq they started using proxy forces whether in libya syria iraq and so on and in syria they found a golden opportunity with about forty thousand. fighters whom the general of the special forces of the united states general raymond thomas raymond. thomas he himself called them a proxy force yeah but if turkey is going to go all out to prevent the emergence of such a kurdish enclave backed by the united states then you are looking seriously contradiction between the united states and territory and i think ultimately it's the united states which will retreat on the one otherwise they will lose their yeah but they tend to take everybody down with them before they leave let me go to you i mean how important is all of this to the turkish president because he's invested
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a lot in syria and he's gotten very little in return i mean dan is spot on. he was egged on by the u.s. and the u.s. basically folded and he what is the political review repercussions for the president everyone if he doesn't get what he wants go ahead actually years and now you know after a year we have a very important elections in turkey a presidency and this is the first time in two thousand and nineteen and then the before that i think to turkey try to finish or wrap up the syrian issue with some games you know in the beginning we started with the united states and the european allies and then they left us with russia and iran in the region now after two thousand and fifteen turkey started a new city on his own sometimes with the help of russia and iran in syria and
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he surely we have basically three you know iraq hates schildt and then lip and then this olive branch operations these are really important operations in for turkey and i think the turkish people is supporting is kind of operations then after that the turn will come to member i think this is the man beach is the most crucial area between turkey and united states because an american. army is there if turkey goes further to membership maybe it might be a problem for turkey this is i think most crucial think up to now but for us all a branch operation i think no problem with united states you know it's best not to interfere this operation but if turkey goes further to remember each will be
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problematic for the region and maybe a turkey and that's that will be had to had. area. up to. resident. support in turkey you know that's why i keep saying who is bluffing whom here again also the again the the one can surmise and in it if you look at the long. bad blood between iran and the united states is one of the reasons why the united states wants to keep a footprint there it really is quite amazingly doing the bidding of riyadh in tel aviv all the time because there is now absolutely no strategic interest of the united states or the anyone in the european union about syria and i think that. it's always misguided the more they listen to riyadh in detail of the the opposite happens iran's influence continues to expand when are they going to learn go ahead in
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a year that's true iran has in some ways benefited from the disasters wreaked on the middle east by the us in the last few decades but i would completely disagree that europe and the us have no interest in containing iran or destroying syria the us certainly does and the west in general and especially britain and the usa do are very concerned as i said drive the outset to destroy any independent or potentially independent force in the global south of. israel and saudi arabia the. bulldogs if you like of western power in the middle east the watchdogs keeping that area basically under the domination of the united states and britain so. i don't i don't buy into this idea of saying oh the us are doing the bidding of tel aviv in. the part of the same the same program of maintaining middle east under western
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domination maintaining the global oil production and the levels that they want to the price they want to. being sold in the currency that they won and the dollar and so on i don't see these ok. but ok but for this and i can let me go to sammy i think you have bring a very interesting point stan. and i don't necessarily disagree with them. but sammy you know going back to what i said earlier if we could just start and end it and it's not arbitrary two thousand and three and go all the way up to the present every single strategic initiative the united states and its allies initiated in the middle east have failed and there's been only blowback ok i mean this ridiculous policy that tillerson announced that anyone the sends aid to syria will face sanctions i mean that that is you know what they want to do is they just want to keep and i'm now i'm good i would agree with dan here is this to keep every single player weak and broken ok and that's going to backfire is well ok because
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the region is going to stay not necessarily outside players they don't they don't always state they usually leave go ahead sami i think the main reason for it they have a fairly right to point to their failure is that there is enormous opposition to their presence in the region if we talk about the middle east and all the way to libya and so on there is popular opposition to their presence and there is this fundamental contradiction between the united states aims of trying to control the region for its own interests and the interest of the peoples of the region and there is no way this contradiction can be resolved unless the united states withdraws from the area admits defeat and get out this is unlikely to happen so therefore we have this continuous conflict of us imperialism trying to dominate to region and the peoples of the region insisting on their independence and they are
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mad against iran because iran regardless of what you what we think of its political system is a very. and then come through from us. this very hate and i get it down there and you know if they are that they are to question as if sami that that's iran's greatest sin its sovereignty gentlemen we've run out of time many thanks to my guest in london oxford and in this stand bull and thanks to our viewers for watching us here darcy see you next time and remember. the scene years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with the gun bad guy trying to get to one of my family members he would
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have better a lot better and i think it's fair and hurting whenever my my baby says my book was published in the year two thousand more than home for a million americans have been killed by the phones of the u.s. going out of thought to me as i did this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see who actually got hit by the gun i just saw i did to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years ago i don't know this but we are not. the all this getting away from us dollars wall reserve currency a one row one bell all see linking up russia and china is out of the dollar every last trade oil away from the dollar countries are desperate to get out of the u.s.
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dollar so the dollar is going to lose value no matter what anybody says so there's the treasury secretary really trying to be. look like oh it's our policy for a lower dollar going to matter what he says the dollar is going lower as we've been saying for a number of years because the u.s. dollar is a currency that other countries recognize as funding the war and the weapons and the poverty that they're trying to escape. the brunt of the with the flow for the best out of the privilege of. the concepts i was preparing to perform i had actually passed myself to die i. don't know said he'd what. i was sorry to curse when i. was most of. the snow in the home of. her
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come on. this country was. really good so don't seem. so we'll see if you think. what. was it he could with us feel. yes to have more here can't depreciate. a couple so kind of toilet p.s.k. i never knew. was. going to. get. there if i was. going you know what i mean you know.
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i think it's terrible you want to know the truth and i think it's a disgrace a lot of people should be ashamed of so much worse than the f.b.i. the u.s. justice department secured. twenty sixteen election campaigns using a highly dubious report paid for by the democrats a newly declassified memo. also ahead the world anti-doping agency seriously concerned with a decision by sports poor to overturn lifetime. twenty eight rushing up plates also in the program. five migrants are shot dozens more injured in a mass brawl at
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a food bank in the french port city of l.a. a number of residents we've heard from tell us they're living in fear. i think we need a structure put in place to protect this there's a lot of delinquency it's a catastrophe for the french and especially for the people of cali the violence is really damaging. just a few moments into a brand new day here in moscow and it's the weekend saturday february third welcome to r.t. international the controversial congressional memo that's been stealing the headlines in recent weeks has now been released after receiving approval from the u.s. president and accuses the f.b.i.
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and justice department of securing a warrant to spy on presidential campaign based on on verified planes in the trump russia. which was paid for by the democrats. i think it's terrible you want to know the truth i think it's a disgrace what's going on in this country i think it's a disgrace and when you look at that and you see that and so many other things what's going on. a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves and much worse than that well if you take a look at the four page memo that there was so much anticipation of you'll be coming across some rather interesting facts now the christopher steel dossier this was the basis on which the f.b.i. acquired their warrant under the foreign intelligence surveillance act their warrant to wiretap members of the trumpet campaign that was based on the infamous r.c.a. from christopher steel now we also know that the f.b.i. chief said that it was so lace this and unverified furthermore the f.b.i.
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was aware that the d.n.c. and the hillary clinton foundation paid roughly one hundred sixty thousand dollars for this deal dossier they knew it was paid for by the d.n.c. but they did not mention that in their applications for a warrant from pfizer courts furthermore sequester steele was only working for the democrats christopher steele was a long time paid f.b.i. informant and they departed just as the f.b.i. were well aware of the fact that christopher steele had an agenda against trump was quite biased they still used the report furthermore we know that the deputy attorney general bruce or his wife was actually hired by fusion g.p.s. the firm that the democrats hired in order to get this information on trump so essentially this document points to the fact there was a great deal of what appears to be collusion between the clinton campaign and and the f.b.i. and department of justice two entities that are essentially supposed to be bipartisan enforcers of u.s. law it appears according to this document or at least it purported in this document
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that they were working to prevent the election of donald trump and we heard of many calls from many prominent figures for this document to remain classified they wanted this four pages to be no. not in the perspective and not available to the american public remember nancy pelosi the leader of the democrats in the u.s. house of representatives said that releasing this document which is now fully public would somehow be a threat to the national security of the united states intelligence is that it's the cia the d.n.a. d.n.i. the. national defense everybody has their element of it and sources and methods must be protected now as the debate about the releasing of the memo escalated russia most certainly came into the picture there was a letter that was sent to the owners of twitter and facebook urging them to investigate the role of russian bots or possible russian bots in the hash tag release the memo furthermore we even saw an escalation of this rhetoric with
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allegations that devin noon is the chair of the house intelligence committee was himself a russian agent let's take a listen to some of what was said is it possible that the republican chairman of the house intel committee has been compromised by the russians as a possible nuclear threat or russian agents reading the house intel committee on the republican side i hope that's not the case i mean this is behavior speak about the i mean i'm not the first person who's raised this he's behaving like someone who's been compromised now we're waiting for a different reactions to come in but all eyes are on washington d.c. as the four pages have been released and the memo is now public. there has been a lot of reaction to this we discussed the revelations of the memo with a number of analysts. as an american citizen outraged by what i read here they perpetrated a fraud on our court to obtain the rights to surveil american citizens. you know that is just outrageous behavior to think that multiple parties in our government
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would perpetrate a fraud against a court to go way over a boy and surveil an active president members of an active presidential campaign that in and of itself without considering the bias that is that is just outrageous that anybody who is actually involved with this is to be the subject of a vigorous prosecution and needs to be made an example of i think this is the number one question that remains how much did this deal go see a in that that kind of salacious bogus information how much did that play into the intelligence community's assessments that russia was colluding back in october not that the media that chrystia with trying to peddle this story to he only really was successful with mother jones david corn that was the only reporter who actually thought it was even credible and yet the f.b.i. and the d.o.j. thought it was credible enough to actually go for ninety day periods of
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surveillance and public needs to demand full disclosure and there are a lot more questions that this memo poses that that that actually should be answered right now. to another headline stories this hour the world anti-doping agency say it's concerned by the decision of sports top court to overturn the lifetime olympic bonds given to dozens of russian athletes accused of taking prohibited substances. why don't i understand that this decision will cause dismay and frustration among athletes the agency supports the i.o.c. intention to analyze these decisions very carefully and consider all options including an appeal to the swiss federal tribe you know so on thursday the court of arbitration for sport decided to lift all sanctions imposed on twenty eight russian athletes and reinstate the olympic medals some of one eleven others will miss the upcoming winter olympics inside korea but their lifetime bans were overturned and
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sanctions partially lifted however the decision has disappointed some updates from other countries who are hoping to move into medal positions retrospectively from the sortie twenty fourteen games. but anything else this is a very very very dark day for the olympics and this is a very very very dark day for clean sport you there is such a thing you know. people are saying they can't prove they were dirty in the same breath you can prove that they were innocent or you say they are not guilty or you say they are guilty and they have ruled that there is not enough proof for a doping offense hence they are not guilty and these are very important also because it makes to make law report to become not. bases which is enough to convict athletes and every sing that was. up to
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now was based on the mclaren report and if this is now not basis enough to convict at leats then i do not understand why also all the russian at plates could have been banned khalik tearfully without having any any proof of the opening. yes so we saw the reaction there of other global world stars really who would have won medals but what about the russian athletes themselves well as you can imagine the mood was very different sheer relief essentially the overriding emotion for those who thought their dreams their careers indeed were finished loyola assumed you know i found out about the decision during my training c.a.'s decided to overturn my disqualification my ban i had only positive thoughts in my head about that i've been ready to ski for a long long time keeping up my training but i had a question right away what about the olympics are we able to dispute this and get
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an invitation but i was waiting for the results of a pill when i came back from practice it's amazing yes then my skeleton team started congratulating each other such a relief when not guilty in the whole public will know that a lot of people thought we date only those close to us knew it's not true. because i've been training with my pushchair the whole season and now because of what's happened i've been paired with someone else we'll have to adapt our techniques and make adjustments for way differences and work a lot in our start. give you some my mojo is for me and for those who can't get there the whole situation has only made me angrier and even more determined to win . twenty eight sportsman's of russia are found not guilty and to know that i was the states that does not mean that they were part.